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Self-neglect is a general term used to describe a vulnerable adult living in a way that puts his or her health, safety, or well-being at risk. Self-neglect by vulnerable adults is a serious problem. It can be difficult to know when or if you should get involved. Law enforcement and social service agencies cannot be everywhere. Your help is needed. Feb 28,  · Self-Injury is a deliberate, non- suicidal behavior that inflicts physical harm on one's body to relieve emotional distress. Self-injury has a .

Jul 15,  · I am an adult who self-harms. In today’s climate of awareness and compassion, I believe self-harm remains one of the most misunderstood and stigmatized facets of mental health. Jan 19,  · Whether you are an adult of teen, there are certain signs and symptoms of self-harm that should be treated as problematic behavior. Some common types of self-harm include things like cutting parts of the body with sharp objects or razors such as on the arm, leg, stomach or any spot that can be easily hidden.

Self-harm occurs most often in teenagers and young adults; recent data found rates ranging from 6 to 14 percent for adolescent boys and 17 to 30 .