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There are many therapeutic benefits to spanking. A submissive finds therapy, stress-relief, and a sense of calm through the relinquishment of their . Tips such as traveling with spanking implements, tricks to increase the effectiveness (pain level) of an implement, punishment spanking rules and more! The blog section will be added to most often. This will cover some of the topics above but also provide accounts of actual spankings that my husband has received from me.

So the purpose of this post is for all those people that are not as familiar with spankings, these are all the informative pictures I've found. I don't agree with all of them %, but they are interesting. 1. I think this one is definitely a good guide for where to land the majority of. Here at Southern Comfort, we recognize three different types of physical discipline: Traditional Physical discipline, which includes both mouth soaping and flagellation (spanking in its various forms); Non-Traditional Physical Discipline, which includes most forms of exercise and some types of chores; and Alternative Physical Discipline, which includes enemas and figging.

Could submitting yourself to physical punishment be the answer to what troubles you? Spanking therapy is the latest trend to motivate people to achieve their. As far as spanking therapy actually helping someone deal with a trauma in their life, that’s an ongoing conversation amongst researchers — though some are quick to sing its praises.

Spanking as the name implies, is the use of a flat object to beat the body. I was told by a Sifu of Spanking that this Ancient Art Of Healing was practiced some years ago in China and now there is only a handful of spanking sifus left. I find this request fairly frequently in my inbox. I don't have a problem with obliging. However, my determination to give a painful spanking coupled with my enjoyment of the reciprocal sting on my hand tends to lead to getting a little carried away.