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Individuals with cerebral palsy should use an adjustable bed or mattress elevator to tilt the bed up when sleeping. A body pillow can help relieve back and muscle pain when placed between the knees or . Poor sleep affects behavior, energy, learning and growth. The soothing lights, sounds and canopy help your loved one calm down faster and sleep longer.

Welcome to BBG - Beds by George Everyone Sleeps Better with a BBG Bed in the House We are a family owned company that builds beautiful safety beds for special needs children, youth, adults, as well as handicapped, disabled and medically fragile individuals who need extra fall and entrapment protection while in bed. Beds Our special needs beds and sleeping products provide the correct posture and safety necessary for a balanced and undisturbed night’s sleep. Browse our selection of special needs beds and .

Special Needs Bed - Sleep Secure and Safely with KayserBetten.