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bright horizons adult care - m bright day at the office

Solve disruptive care gaps during summer break, school closures, and throughout the year. Employees with Senior Relatives Address eldercare challenges with immediate help for adult dependents who live nearby and across the country. The Bright Horizons Care Advantage® program provides 10 days of back-up care for your children and/or adult/elder relatives when regular care arrangements fall through and you need to get to work. Copays are $25 per child per day with a maximum of $30 per family per day for center-based care.

At Bright Horizons, we believe every person matters. Our goal is to assist you on your journey to overcome your personal mental health struggles. Bright Horizons is a licensed Adult Partial Hospitalization Program (APH). Bright Horizons Elder Care guides employees through this complex, time-consuming, and emotional responsibility, providing the real help they need. One platform provides access to key services, from advice to in-home care. Plus, unique online tools simplify management, putting order to complex tasks that often arrive without warning.

The Bright Horizons Lasting Impact of Employer-Sponsored Back-Up Care study found that 50 percent of survey respondents are concerned about effectively balancing work and the responsibility of caring for an older, disabled, or chronically ill . Bright Horizons is trusted by parents around the world — including many doctors and nurses on the frontlines of COVID — to care for their children. Learn about our updated health and safety practices in response to the pandemic.

Sign in to access Bright Horizons Child Care and other employee benefits including Back-Up Care, Elder Care, College Coach, and EdAssist or sign up for a new account. The Bright Horizons program began with just one member over 30 years ago. Our program provides respite to over 60 families each month. The program provides a safe place for loved ones who are in need of a supportive environment during the day, and respite for their caregivers.